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Isabella 12x16 Oil on canvasTango Time 9x12 Oil on gesso boardDance Me Away 16x20 Oil on oil primed linen boardJust Dance 11x14 Oil on canvasWater Ballet 24x12 Oil on canvasMy Sunshine Ride 9x6 oil on gesso boardBicycle Baby 9x12 Oil on gesso boardAglow 16x20 Oil on canvasRocky 8x8 Oil on CanvasToro aka Quarantine is Bulls**t 12x24 Oil on canvasEverything will Be Fine Deery 8x8 Oil on canvasBlue Bicycle 6x6 Oil on gesso boardPatina 9x12 Oil on gesso board Door SeriesPatina 9x12 Oil on gesso board Closed Doors Open Window SeriesOde To Bubby 9x12 Oil on gesso boardRise and Shine 8x8 Oil on gesso boardWhiskey Jack 8x8 Oil on gesso boardSome Bunny Loves You 8x8 Oil on gesso boardRotate 6x6 Oil on gesso board