Brenda Lindstrom is an Artist Specializing in Oil Painting as well as a Portrait/Fine Art/Nature Photographer  who was born and raised amongst the grandeur of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
She has a deep love of nature and art, found not only in her own backyard but also during her many travel adventures.

Brenda utilizes many of her photographs into another art passion by painting her subjects and surroundings. She loves the medium of oil, ala prima style.(wet into wet) as well as the classical approach. She also paints her images in acrylic and sometimes even watercolor.

Giving voice to what moves her, she feeds her art by immersing herself in the beautiful simplicity of nature that surrounds her. Brenda’s images strive to reflect to the viewer that of which is sacred. She chooses to focus on doing work that she loves, creating authenticity in her artwork.

Brenda’s formal background is grounded in business and education. She loves to teach as well as learn and continues to educate herself daily. She believes in lifetime learning and personal growth. Her vision to embrace her love of art and photography as a profession was realized in the summer of 2009 where she spent five months living and breathing her dream in an intensive professional career training program at Rocky Mountain School of Photography located in the heart of Missoula Montana.
In the summer of 2011 Brenda had the privilege of working as a career training assistant at RMSP where she further honed both her professional and teaching skills.

Brenda is comfortable in the environment that allows her creativity from studio work to on site location shooting as well as capturing majestic landscapes to portraitures of people and animals. Capturing an image is the first step. How she translates that to fine art images is the other talent evident in her artwork.

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