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antonin sedlacik(non-registered)
So, you're in photography , you clearly hold your style steadily and your talent decorates lenses so beautifully.I love the marriage between object being photographed and photographer.In fact, very detectable symbiosis somewhere in the middle creating a sharp focus.
Very good Brenda
I will come back to go through all of them
Lovelyn Voorhees(non-registered)
Brenda, finally found some time to visit your web site. Your work is amazing! You are so talented, I will visit from time to time to see more of your beautiful images. Come visit us in Hawaii, bet you'll be able to capture our islands beautifully. Keep it up!
Starr Sacket(non-registered)
Brenda it was so good to see you after all these years. I'm sorry it wasn't under better circumstances. You have a beautiful daughter. I enjoyed our chat this morning on the phone. You have a safe trip to Montana, I will call you after you get up there and maybe you can go to my moms and tell her HI for me, that would really surprise her. Your photos are amazing !!!! I am so proud of your accomplishments.
Lisa Schroeder(non-registered)
I really enjoyed your photo's
Brenda Lindstrom(non-registered)
Please let me know if you stop by to visit
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